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3 Foods To Completely Stay Away From

3 Foods To Completely Stay Away From

Spending the last 20 years working on food-poisoning lawsuits cases, Bill Marler simply quit eating certain foods altogether, and here’s why. Bill is a high-profile attorney, who’s screaming lawsuits against Chipotle after the chain’s infamous E...

Following a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

It is a very important and exciting time for every up and coming mom. Like a lot of soon-to-be moms you might be occupied trying to capture every moment with your smart phone taking pictures everywhere measuring the days until your baby will see the...

5 Easy Diet Tricks That Boost Your Productivity

Waking up in the morning and going through all the emotional aspects of daily life, piled up with work responsibilities can be really exhausting. This can be especially tiring if you’re tied up to a job that has you sitting behind your desk for long...