Things You Should Be Doing Before Getting Out of Your Bed

Things You Should Be Doing Before Getting Out of Your Bed

Some of the common experiences we have to constantly deal with are” Stresses, sleepless nights, aches and pains, disconcerting dreams. All these contribute to beyond less than stellar mood when we get up in the morning. We shouldn’t allow any of those issues carry on and ruin our day before it even started
Here is our list of things you should be doing before jumping off your bed to ensure that your on top of your game.

1. Deeply inhale and exhale for about 5 to 10 times

Breathing is what keeps us going and keep us alive. Breathing is an incredibly powerful tool and it’s able to take us into elevated and transcendental states of our mind where we can become masters of our inner being. We rarely notice our breathing processes but being focused on breathing even this brief time before you get up will help you put your mind to peace. The key here is to do it slowly, breathe in and out deeply for as long as is it comfortable. You should feel your stresses and tension being quickly washed away. To enhance your breathing and get the most out of it try using some essential oils like eucalyptus. Take a few deep whiffs and you’re ready to seize your day. Begin your day by feeling refreshed energized.

2. Smile for no reason — just flex the muscle

Smiling is one of those ultimate life hacks at our disposal at any hour. It is impossible to feel anger or not feel better when you are smiling. To cure melancholia you should take advantage of all the available serotonin and endorphins flooding your blood cells. In various studies done on actual smiling process the results stated that smiling proved to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure and boost the immune system. Open your eye, put a wide smile on and go get it!

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