This Is What This Superfood Does To Your Body!

This Is What This Superfood Does To Your Body!


Meet ginger! Ginger will help you become healthier! Be like ginger! Putting jokes aside we would like to talk a little bit more about this plant that originally grew in China but later on spread worldwide. It is commonly used as a really popular spice with your favourite sushi. Some may associate this plant with chilled ginger ale drink, or those delicious ginger biscuits and gingerbreads. In the majority of countries it is frequently used as a medicine too. Listed are some of the positive effects ginger has on your body:

Alleviation of Sore Throat or Cough

It has has been one of the most famous homemade cures for cough and sore throat for ages. Hot water combined with slices of ginger rhizomes and also by adding lemon, honey has been commonly used to clearing nasal congestion and relieve your sore throat.

Prevents and Stops Acid Reflux

According to Molecular Research and Food Nutrition, a case study was presented where a group of researchers compared ginger molecular compounds to those found in acid blocker drugs and came to a conclusion that this plant’s compounds actually showed better 6 times better results than the drug. The danger of using acid blocker drug is in that it capable of destroying your stomach’s acid barrier thus increasing the risk of getting stomach cancer or ulcers.

Morning Sickness Prevention

If you are a woman it is a common sense to consult with your doctor before using any types of herb or medication. A few reports showed that ginger can help expecting women to reduce nausea and vomiting. A typical dosage would be in tablets of 200mg every four hours.

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